All UK Ferries to Holland

There are currently three ferries the sail from the shores of the UK to Holland, the Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry operated by DFDS Seaways, the Hull to Rotterdam ferry operated by P&O ferries and the Harwich to Hook of Holland ferry operated by StenaLine.

The Harwich to Holland is the shortest crossing and sails twice a day, whilst the Newcastle to Holland and the Hull to Holland ferries are both single overnight sailings operating just about every day of the year.

Sailings per day
Departure Time
Sailing Time
Car & 4 passengers
Newcastle to Amsterdam Ferry
Newcastle to
from £172
Hull to Rotterdam
Hull to
from £164
Harwich to Holland
Harwich to
Hook of Holland
6h 30m
7h 30m
from £95
from £194
All 3 routes allow foot passengers, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, vans, motorhomes & caravans.
Prices are based on cheapest one way journey – Book as early as possible for the cheapest fares.

These are the only sailings from the UK to Holland, they all depart from England. There are no sailing to Holland (or anywhere in Europe) from Scotland. Likewise there are no ferries to Holland from other big ports in England, like Dover, Plymouth or Portsmouth.

The cheapest sailing is the day sailing from Harwich, the other sailings are rather comparable in price and are more expensive because you must book a cabin as they sail through the night.

All of the ships are fully equipped to keep you entertained and comfortable for your entire sailing, with many restaurants, bars and live entertainment on-board. Unlike flying you bring as much luggage as you can pack in your car (or carry if you travelling as a foot passenger) and you are not confined to your seat for the duration of the crossing.

The ferries are all quite big and have multiple decks with entertainment and facilities aswell as open decks for fresh air. The cabins are all en-suite and you can upgrade to supperior cabins if you wish.