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Amsterdam is a city full of romance and charm. It has a wealth of history and culture, combined with an attitude of acceptance and tolerance, making it both a fascinating and friendly place to visit.

If you’re a first time visitor there are certain sights that you must go and see.  However be warned, as with any city, it is easy to get disorientated in Amsterdam, therefore we recommend you always take a map with you. The local people are also very helpful and are normally happy to point tourists in the right direction.

If you are new to Amsterdam we suggest that you try and fit into your day a combination of these exceptional attractions:

A Canal Boat Tour

Enjoy a leisurely cruise on a boat through the canals of Amsterdam. Ideal if you only have a short time in the city as it will enable you to get a fantastic overview of Amsterdam.

Van Gogh Museum

This is must for any art lover. The museum contains the largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings, as well as work from a number of other artists.

Anne Frank’s House

The museum of Anne Frank is located where she spent over two years hidden in a secret annex during Holland’s occupation in the Second World War. Anne wrote in her famous diary whilst hiding from the Nazis with her family and 4 other people.

Anne Frank has touched the hearts of many. Her writing captures the strength, the determination, and the terrible tragedy, of the Jewish people during the holocaust. Although the family were betrayed to the Nazis, and only her Father survived the concentration camps, the memory of Anne is still powerful today. Anne herself died of typhus when she was just 15 years old.

The museum is a popular attraction and has much memorabilia of the times, including photographs, historical documents and the original copy of her diary.


The Dutch National Museum is a must for any first time visitor to Amsterdam or for that matter, returning visitor. The vast collection of art, many from the great Dutch and Flemish masters, are mostly from what is referred to as the Golden Age of art in Holland (between the 15th to the 19th century).

Currently the building of the museum is undergoing a restoration however the most revered pieces of art ‘The Masterpieces’ are being displayed in the Philips Wing. Here you can view Rembrandt’s famous painting, ‘Night Watch’ as well as many other spectacular works of art.


There are many places to go and have lunch or enjoy a drink in Amsterdam, why not check out one of the city squares. Dam Square (the central square) has some great restaurants, cafes and bars. You will also find on Dam Square The Royal Palace and Madam Tussauds.  Alternatively visit Leidseplein Square which is a hive of entertainment. As well as the permanent restaurants, bars, theatres and the casino, you will quite often find live street entertainment and performances.

Many visitors will tell you that a trip to Amsterdam is not complete without a look at the famous Red Light District. The district has become almost like an amusement park where people come to look at the working women on display in the illuminated windows, and browse the novelty shops and museums. There are also many bars, cafes and restaurants to be found here.

No matter how many times you have visited Amsterdam there is still always something new to see and do. As well as the main attractions there are plenty of other places and activities to keep visitors occupied, including:


The best way to completely explore the city is to make like the locals and rent a bike. Follow the streets and canals, and breathe in the atmosphere of Amsterdam, as you explore the different districts of the city.

Albert Cuypmarkt

This outdoor market has over 300 stalls and attracts hundreds of visitors. Here you can buy fresh local produce as well as a variety of different wares including gifts, clothes and cosmetics.

The Tulip Museum

The tulip is an important symbol of the Netherlands and as such it has its own dedicated museum in Amsterdam. Here you can learn about the history of the tulip and purchase a variety of different bulbs.

Artis Zoo

This zoo is in the centre of Amsterdam and consists of four sections; the zoo (with different animals from around the world and an aquarium featuring the water life in Amsterdam’s canals), the zoological museum, the geological museum and planetarium, and the beautiful botanical gardens.

Of course there is so much more to do, and many other places to see in the city of Amsterdam; from the shopping streets to the churches, from the live events and festivals to the numerous other museums. Whatever you decide to do you can be guaranteed your time in Amsterdam will be very well spent.